The Village cheistians and sex toys dragon toys for adults

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The Village cheistians and sex toys dragon toys for adults

Сообщение AntholDut » 19 июл 2019, 08:48

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You, them and the alcohol
Before inviting another drink, read this, because alcohol is capable of annihilating a promising encounter if one or both have lost their temper.
For many couples, alcohol constitutes the maximum bond of trust and makes the action under the covers more interesting, but it is also capable of annihilating a promising encounter if one or both have lost their temper. But the real interaction between alcohol and sex is much more appealing than that, says the sociologist at the University of New York, United States, David Hanson, author of the book Preventing Alcohol Abuse. It has been proven that some drinks have an aphrodisiac effect on those who take them, but not because of their components, but because of the intention that one wants to obtain from it. "Alcohol has a real physical impact, but at the same time it increases our expectations," says Hanson. Researchers say that people blame alcohol a lot for the way it affects their sexuality, or give too much credit to the success they get under their influence. We are convinced of the common mistakes about the relationship between alcohol and sex, that's why we give you five tips that will help you in your love life - without destroying it.
Tip 1 She does not lose so easily
Each gender experiences in a different way the so-called goggles-alcohol effect (see attractive to the appointment partner under the influence of alcohol); however, the effect lasts longer on them. Men base the physical beauty of women according to the degree of symmetry of their face. Brazilian researchers conducted a study in which they concluded that drunken men were less effective at detecting symmetry compared to sober ones, which explains why after a drunken stupor they end up with women who at another time they would consider unattractive. At the University of Bristol, England, an investigation was conducted in which men and women who drank several vodka-based cocktails - enough to make them dizzy, but not get drunk - and then asked them about the physical characteristics of people of the opposite sex , both described them with more pleasant features. But the next morning his opinion changed. The answer is because the goggles-alcohol effect was over. However, in men this phenomenon lasts longer, that is, they still see their partner more attractive than it really is. So, if the woman who slept with you still looks pretty before your eyes until noon, beware: maybe she does not have the same impression on you.
Tip 2 She can be more willing
Alcohol has a numbing effect on the preforntal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for inhibiting certain types of behavior, according to researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland. According to these, the disinhibition process, after two or three glasses of wine or beer, facilitates the process of having sex with your date partner. Women who drink regularly are more interested in sex than those who do it occasionally, according to a study conducted at the University of Chicago United States. Despite this, the effects of alcohol depend to a large extent on the amount that is ingested. Men are more interested in sex when the level of this substance rises in their blood after three drinks, explains Jeannette Norris, a researcher at the Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at the University of Washington, United States. "But when four or five drinks are swallowed, men begin to lose interest. If you are drinking too much you also reduce your intellectual capacity and lose the ability to identify the signs that it could be your chance to have sex with your partner. "
Tip 3 Maybe you're willing to not use a condom, but ...
It is possible that when two people arrive at the bed after having a few drinks they do not worry so much about their sexual safety, because at that moment their IQ (IQ) dropped 30 points. A study conducted in 2007 by scientists at the University of Washington, United States, found that men and women are more open to experiencing unprotected sex when they have drunk moderate amounts of alcohol. "As you get more intoxicated, you lose the ability to process the information that comes from the environment around you," explains Dr. Norris, co-author of the study. "If you both have drunk and agree to go to bed, you should keep in mind the security measures you have to take." People who usually drink in bars, both men and women, and who have a dependence on alcohol, are more exposed to going home with several sexual partners, according to a study conducted at the University of Washington in San Luis, United States. "The people who drink the most do not think clearly when choosing their sexual partner," says psychologist Patricia Cavazos-Regh. "In addition, those who drink too much develop a personality that in general waters them to have risky practices." To prevent dangerous situations such as contracting a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy, the specialist recommends going to bars that are not too far from your house and make a list of friends who live near the bar where you usually go, to help you in case you have drunk too much.
Tip 4 If you know how to drink, the sex will be better for her
Taking without exaggerating can help in the action when it raises the temperature. It is not because you increase your capacity for conquest, but because you begin to disinhibit yourself and feel more relaxed and less aware of your shortcomings, says Cory Silverberg, a certified sexologist and author of the study. But as the level of alcohol increases in your blood, everything begins to fade little by little. A research conducted at the University of Washington, discovered that men who had drunk two drinks, but were still sober, were able to get faster and maintain an erection for longer compared to those drunk. "The cause is because alcohol inhibits the functioning of the nervous system that controls that body process," says Norris. "People start to feel excited and sociable when they start drinking, but the more alcohol they eat, they begin to experience depressive sensations," he adds. "You can take advantage of the sexually favorable effects of alcoholic beverages to improve your performance in bed and at the same time enjoy your company more," says Silverberg.
Tip 5 You do not always need alcohol
When looking for alcohol and then sex, the expectations -not biological- can be the culprits. "Anthropologists call it the alcohol-thought effect," says Hanson. "If you falsely convince people that they are intoxicated, for example, they will begin to develop more aggressive behavior and seek sexual encounters." That suggests current concepts about the influence of alcohol on sexual behaviors. That kind of expectations are what give an idea of ​​what will happen next in bed. "Many people do not realize that alcohol influences our psychological perception," says Silverberg, it becomes a satisfied desire: if you think alcohol will provide you with relaxation, it will be. And as long as you keep this idea, you will also get sexual benefits. But even knowing that, your thoughts will be more directed to drink some beers and when you are drunk you will think that this is what you need to enjoy good sex. "Many people drink to reduce their inhibitions, but another more effective way to do it is to try to communicate honestly with the person you want to have sex with," says Silverberg. "Instead of alcohol, you can find other ways to reach a plane in the appointment that you think you can not get if you only think that sex will be good with it, you better think how you can achieve it. "The problem is that if you always have hot relationships under the influence of alcohol, then you will depend on it every time you want to enjoy them. It is better to carry it out being sober, you will realize that imagination is better than five beers. "

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