ontractor must have the integrity as calle

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ontractor must have the integrity as calle

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In the construction of a swimming pool Cheap Jerseys China , the owner of the project and the contractor must have a good working relationship. The contractor must have the integrity as called for under the contract and that is the faithful construction of the project in accordance with the plans and specifications and its timely delivery as spelled out in the contract. An extended time to complete the project without valid reason is a negative point on his credibility. The same is true with the owner; a failure of the owner to pay the contractor on time per agreement is a sign of his failure as expected of him under the contract. The written contract between the two is the barometer to gauge the sincerity of every party to the contract.

In the contract, the work of the contractor is spelled out and the items of work are enumerated with their corresponding number of days to complete. The contract serves as the guide post and tower to watch out the development of his work and alerts the owner as regards the stages and evaluation of the work in progress. It sets the alarm bell to inform the owner that the time has already come to deliver the completed project. The contract also serves as the mirror or the picture on how the project must appear upon its completion.

If the project is not completed on time per contract, the same specifies the remedies of the owner to protect his interest over the contracted job. His losses both financial and moral for not having the benefit to use his project on time must be compensated by the contractor in the form of penalties and sanctions imposed by regulatory bodies. It is a penalty for not performing his obligation under the contract and this provision must be fully and clearly spelled out on that written agreement. Your failure to include it in your contract would find yourself holding an empty contract to protect you as an aggrieved party.

There are times when the contractor would seem to be sleeping on his work as there is hardly any accomplishment on his work. If that situation happens, check out the reason behind such sluggish work and call his attention about the provision of the contract regarding scheduled accomplishments. A slow paced construction work could be the result of insufficient capital to provide the materials and labor or it could be a change order that is within the critical path method which could not be implemented until approved by the owner since this involves additional cost to the contract. If left unchecked Cheap Jerseys , your project could drag on until project completion time for which you can not blame the contractor. The cause of the delay in construction work could be easily identified if it is the fault of the contractor or the owner. At the sign of any delay, action must be taken immediately and solutions must be offered.

Another important provision on the contract is the construction bond and warranty requirements. Here, the contractor is required to post sufficient bonds to guarantee the fulfillment of his obligations under the contract as well as his warranties against defects of materials and workmanship for one year after the turnover of the project to the owner. This means that the contractor would correct his work in case your pool suffers from cracks within that one year period.
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